Saturday, June 20, 2009

4 weeks to the stage

It is funny how some of us count the days and some the weeks.

I prefer weeks- It makes it seem shorter, but in reality 4 weeks is a lot of time. In 4 weeks I can lose another 8-10 pounds and 6-8% bodyfat- my body really transforms in this last month.

4 weeks also seems so short - it is when doubt can set in - sometimes i wonder if i will have done enough to get the body i want. I feel really good about this journey- i have been spot on with my diet - only increasing the protein or broccoli when i really need a little more. I am hungry when i go to bed and feeling leaner when i wake up. These are all good signs.

I have not missed a workout- even when my legs felt like lead. My intensity and focus are geared to my goal- i want 1st place and know i cant mess up in this last 4 weeks if I plan on reaching my goal.

4 weeks- means 4 workouts on each body part - each one needs to be focused and intense. it also means posing every day to get the muscles ready. Cardio needs to be intense- and fun- i try to do as much outside as possible. It is still summer- and this still has to be fun.

Speaking of fun- it is time to hit the gym


  1. You look amazing!! Woo! Go Lori!!!

  2. Keep blogging girl :) I'm thinking video...I wanna see the routine :)