Saturday, June 20, 2009

4 weeks to the stage

It is funny how some of us count the days and some the weeks.

I prefer weeks- It makes it seem shorter, but in reality 4 weeks is a lot of time. In 4 weeks I can lose another 8-10 pounds and 6-8% bodyfat- my body really transforms in this last month.

4 weeks also seems so short - it is when doubt can set in - sometimes i wonder if i will have done enough to get the body i want. I feel really good about this journey- i have been spot on with my diet - only increasing the protein or broccoli when i really need a little more. I am hungry when i go to bed and feeling leaner when i wake up. These are all good signs.

I have not missed a workout- even when my legs felt like lead. My intensity and focus are geared to my goal- i want 1st place and know i cant mess up in this last 4 weeks if I plan on reaching my goal.

4 weeks- means 4 workouts on each body part - each one needs to be focused and intense. it also means posing every day to get the muscles ready. Cardio needs to be intense- and fun- i try to do as much outside as possible. It is still summer- and this still has to be fun.

Speaking of fun- it is time to hit the gym

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Attacking .... One day at a time-

I have 5 weeks until my next competition.

I am visualizing myself taking first place- i can feel the trophy in my hands and hear them call my name for first. I also visualize all the steps on the way there. The posing, the routine, the hair, makeup, suit, tan - and everything that comes before that....

Each workout is given as much intensity as i can- because I only have 4 more weeks of lifting to make the muscles pop.

The diet is 100% on target- because i dont want to have any reason to be mad at myself.

I get up and run every morning- whether my heels and hamstring hurt or not- thinking the mantra" stronger, faster , leaner" as my feet beat the pavement.

I practice posing and my routine until it is so ingrained in my muscle tissue that it is easy.

I do all this because i want to., i have chosen this journey- it is not one i take lightley. Any day that seems difficult i just take as a step in the process and proceed to the best of my ability.

I do all this because i have set a goal to win- and the girl that takes second to me wont be doing the things i am doing to take first- every moment, every day, every action counts.

Bring it on!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Choices- you are in charge!!

This has been a great week- 100% on track with food and workouts. I feel leaner and am actually looking forward to weighing in tomorrow(this is a new one for me)

Today i made a choice- i promised to help my daughters make cookies for our garage sale tomorrow- they want to have a lemonaide stand and cookies. Making cookies on a comp diet is difficult to say the least. After listening to a podcast by Tony- i realized that I could have a "taste" and stop there. I have always been an all or nothing person- if it is around- i eat it - so i dont keep bad food in my house. The cookies were chocolate chip and peanut butter- 2 of my worst temptations- so i decided before i started to have 10 chocolate chips and a tablespoon of peanut butter. I managed to get through baking with out having an all out splurge because I allowed myself a taste. I know that this isnt a behavior i can use in the next 6 weeks- but it is definately something that will help keep me sane off season.

I feel like i have won a small battle with myself- now hopefully the scale is still nice to me tomorrow:)