Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The road to recovery

I had a slight setback- gal bladder surgery 3 weeks ago- but i have managed to turn it into a positive thing. I took almost 2 full weeks off from lifting( and only power walking for cardio).
I am back to lifting - but not as heavy as i was- that will come with time.

this has allowed me to focus on what i really want and how i am going to get there.

first- i want to get my off season weight to be about 10 lbs less than it is right now. and i want to keep it there consistently- now that because of surgery i can no longer tolerate any processed sugar, fat or flour- i can get there - with out the past struggle of cheating.

I plan on competing on May 22nd and June 5th in colorado= placing 1st and then competing for my pro card- possible in the Masters nationals or junior USA .

I truly want to see how far i can push my body and if i have what it takes to go pro

My other goal is to finish my personal training and nutrition certification over christmas break-= then start taking on more clients- i am really enjoying helping the 3 clients i have and want to help others achieve their goals

This feels a little disconnected to me- becuase it is stream of consciousness writing- but it really helps me to get it down on paper.

My last goal is at least weekly updates here- to keep myself accountable

Troy and i have a long term goal of writing a book and touring and speaking at schools- one step at a time!!