Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 days and counting

I am officially in the last week of competition prep. Nothing can stop me now- i am like a horse going to the barn. I know my path and i can see my goal- i just have to keep moving and i will get there.

getting to this point has not been easy( and this week definately wont be easy either- i just know there is an end in sight) Last week was filled with emotion and self doubt. i always have to fight the naysayers in my head- and sometimes those around me. After i got mad- and said i am doing this competiton and going on stage with my best body if i have to crawl on stage- everything got better. Sometimes i am my worst enemy. I let others control my mood and destiny- i am in charge and the only one that can get me to where i want to go- and i want 1st place. Period.

In order to get there i have to have a perfect week- not a problem- i have lived this week many times in my head - so doing it for real will just be a repeat of what i have already done.

Each day is important - and today it starts with an intense bike ride!!

Live each day as if it is your last

Enjoy each moment

and you wont regret a single one

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Weeks and counting

I am officially two weeks out from my second bodybuilding competition. The last two weeks have been difficult to say the least. I have pushed myself both mentally and physically during this time - sometimes it has turned out good - sometimes it has laid me on my butt. This is all a part of the journey.

I have had to dig deep several times to just get through the day. I spent 4 nights on my feet bartending a music festival- i literally felt like i had someone elses legs on. sometimes i barely made it through my workouts- but i dug deep and did.

I still have 13 days to go- the next week is the most intense for me- after that i am like a horse to the barn. the light is at the end of the tunnel and i know i can do it

i spend a lot of time visualizing myself on stage- visualizing the steps to get there- sometimes just visualizing- -----

sometimes i wonder why i do this to myself- other times i cant imagine not doing this- the end results are amazing- there is no feeling like being on stage- presenting all your hard work- it is truely a rush!!! this rush gets me through the fatique of the last two weeks.

So as i count down the days and workouts leading up to the competition i think of what it has taken me to get here. each step makes me stronger and more determined and more successful in all areas - the journey is worth it- because even when I stumble- I still move forward.

I do this not only for myself , but for my family- it is important to me that my daughters see me struggle and get through each step and finish my journey. Too many people give up right before they feel the glory.

so as I go to rest and renew tonight- i count down one more day, one more workout, one more posing session, plyos, cardio, etc. each a stepping stone in my journey