Sunday, June 14, 2009

Attacking .... One day at a time-

I have 5 weeks until my next competition.

I am visualizing myself taking first place- i can feel the trophy in my hands and hear them call my name for first. I also visualize all the steps on the way there. The posing, the routine, the hair, makeup, suit, tan - and everything that comes before that....

Each workout is given as much intensity as i can- because I only have 4 more weeks of lifting to make the muscles pop.

The diet is 100% on target- because i dont want to have any reason to be mad at myself.

I get up and run every morning- whether my heels and hamstring hurt or not- thinking the mantra" stronger, faster , leaner" as my feet beat the pavement.

I practice posing and my routine until it is so ingrained in my muscle tissue that it is easy.

I do all this because i want to., i have chosen this journey- it is not one i take lightley. Any day that seems difficult i just take as a step in the process and proceed to the best of my ability.

I do all this because i have set a goal to win- and the girl that takes second to me wont be doing the things i am doing to take first- every moment, every day, every action counts.

Bring it on!!!

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