Friday, May 29, 2009

Owning your choices

This morning i read a post by Tony on his dreambodies newsletter the following quote really hit home

"Never, EVER let anything or anyone take from you what is NOT theirs to take, nor can they ever own it--that's your heart and inner strength. It is YOURS and YOU are far more powerful than you may think you are."

This really hits home- just as you cant blame the way you look on anyone else, you OWN your success- there are those that are instrumental to helping us- that we sometimes feel we couldn't have done it without their help, but in the long run it is the choices we make every minute, every day, that matter. it is also the small choices that add up and help us have success and reach out goals .

Feeling empowered is a large part of this for me. I like knowing I "Own " this- even when i make the small choices that are not the best ones- they are still mine- i cant blame anyone else. Last night I slipped a little on my food plan- but it was different this time- i realized what i was doing- and i stopped myself(unfortunately not before I started:))- and i went for a long run this morning . I know you cant exercise yourself out of a bad diet, but it does help counteract those slip ups to have an aggressive cardio session. ( both mentally and physically)

So each day is a new day- the best day ever!! You make the choices that make it a great day-

Have a great day

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