Monday, May 25, 2009

8 weeks out from competition- on fire and ready!!

This is my first post- I am officially off school - which means my stress level goes down and the number of hours i get to sleep goes up-

this is HUGE when i want to lean out for a show. I am already seeing the scale drop- and if i continue at around 2 lbs a week i should be on track for the last week before comp and the final lean out .

I can feel the fire in me and the fact that i WILL take 1st place overall at the colorado state bodybuilding show on July 18th. The only thing that could stop me is ME- and i am not going to let that happen.

100% 100% of the time for the next 8 weeks(diet, exercise, focus, determination)


  1. Go Lori! I´m sure you are going to get first girlie! Keep on inspiring and make us all proud! I´m cheering for you!

  2. Oh have quite the responsibility now :) Welcome to the DreambodiesDiva Blogs :) I can't wait to watch your journey unfold :)

  3. Oh and I really hate word verification...that's too much for me can you get rid of that :)

  4. Thanks guys- i am so new to this blogging thing- it is a cool way to share!!
    tina- got rid of it

    crucky- i would love to follow your blog, but it wont let me access it