Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monsters Everywhere!!

Tony's post on facebook yesterday had me thinking- he is amazingly focused in the gym- a "monster" and I joked with him that he is creating a race of monsters just like him. Although i was kidding yesterday, i realized that it is true- we are all striving to be Monsters in and out of the gym.

Being a monster requires intense mental and physical focus. It also involves visualizing the "monster " you want to be - as if you are already there.

Tony told me today "you are the monster I'm creating.....pretty and muscular...but a monster none the same :)" I like thinking of myself this way- not a scary monster, but a powerful, sexy, muscualr one.

So each day- i focus on the Monster i want to be - how i will look on stage, the routine i will do(which is slowly forming in my head) all graceful, sexy, muscular, strong and confident.

I am capable of anything i set my mind to - My biggest problem is getting in my own way, not this time, this time i am behind myself pushing all the way to 1st place

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