Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one day at a time, stay positive, and focus on my goals

my husband was picking on me because I hadn't blogged in a while.

the last few weeks have been crazy- My gal bladder decided to really act up- so i did the first cleanse 2 weekends ago- and have been taking Gold coin grass - in 2 more weeks i will do another cleanse- and hopefully the gal stones will be gone(fingers crossed) I am truly hoping i can deal with this non- surgically. Natural is always better in my mind.

other than that things are going well- i have been around 95% clean with my eating. I am working on getting my portions of clean foods back under control.

the next competition i am supposed to do is November 14Th. if all goes well with my diet and gal bladder- i plan to compete in figure and couples bodybuilding.

i have hit a wonderful place for me- i am happy with who i am and what i look like- but have goals to look better- that is HUGE for me- being happy with me.
my body loves to jump about 15 pounds from comp weight almost overnight- then i stabilize. it is time to get that 15lbs off my body.

i am taking it one day at a time and not stressing about it- if my body says no- then i wait to compete until march. I am planning on getting qualified again so i can join one of my friends that is trying to get her pro card- i know i can do it- if i take it a day at a time, focus on my goals, and stay positive.

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