Monday, September 7, 2009

69 days

When i look at it in terms of days- it doesn't seem very long until i get to step on stage again.

this time i truly want to be my best -ever

i had an epiphany this morning- when i stepped on the scale and it had gone up for the 3rd day in a row- 1. i either need to go shopping for fat clothes
or 2. I need to hit it hard- 100% for the next 69 days and see what happens

i decided to go for #2- it gives me everything i want- #1 takes me to a dark, depressed place i hate being. ( kind of a DUH!!- but i needed to have that conversation with myself)

I woke up and used the quiet morning time to meditate and focus on my goals for the day and the next 69 days- them more time i spend living it in my head- the easier it will be for real

We started the day with a 3 hour intense hike- one of my favorite hikes and views- it was awesome- and i was with my favorite people

My nutrition has been spot on- and i feel great- no gal bladder attacks today!!

once we digest= we will head to the gym for an awesome workout- only 9 more times to kill each body part- i have to focus to be my best



  1. I love reading your blog, you are very aspiring!

  2. Get in there and tell us how it's going!!!