Monday, February 15, 2010

14 weeks and counting

It is focus time- time to get my brain into the game- for me 99% is mental- once i have that under control the rest will follow.  My body needed rest - 4 days in a row of waking up when my body was ready has done wonders. the scale has not been my friend- but i am tackeling that one too.  we leave for florida in 21 days and i plan on being well into the 150's by then- on my way to the 140's .  In florida i will be 11 weeks out- and in a bikini most of it- that will be motivation in itself. 

Troy got me back on track- he said that if i am not at 100% 100% of the time my body doesnt respond. i have to weight and measure absolutely EVERYTHING for my body to lose fat. some people can get away with little cheats here and there- i am not one of them - and if i want to do this show i need to get out of my own way.

i am ordering new shoes on payday - hopefully it will help with my heel pain- my brother said i have stress fractures in both heels and the only think that will heal them is staying off them for 6-8 weeks- we know that wont happen, so i am buying a shoe with more heel cushion and adjusting my gait to not strike the heel as much ( which is already helping a little) i would love to go into a show with out an injury- lol- troy just said it was because i am old- jerk!!

I have legs today and then we are hiking the really steep hike behind our house- your heels dont touch the ground for 2 miles - it is a great burn!! and awesome cardio

being outside always helps my mood and motivation- this long cold winter has taken its toll- it it time for me to take it back!!!

leaner, stronger, faster --------- here we go

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