Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 days and counting

I am officially in the last week of competition prep. Nothing can stop me now- i am like a horse going to the barn. I know my path and i can see my goal- i just have to keep moving and i will get there.

getting to this point has not been easy( and this week definately wont be easy either- i just know there is an end in sight) Last week was filled with emotion and self doubt. i always have to fight the naysayers in my head- and sometimes those around me. After i got mad- and said i am doing this competiton and going on stage with my best body if i have to crawl on stage- everything got better. Sometimes i am my worst enemy. I let others control my mood and destiny- i am in charge and the only one that can get me to where i want to go- and i want 1st place. Period.

In order to get there i have to have a perfect week- not a problem- i have lived this week many times in my head - so doing it for real will just be a repeat of what i have already done.

Each day is important - and today it starts with an intense bike ride!!

Live each day as if it is your last

Enjoy each moment

and you wont regret a single one

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